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What We Do

Major Events

Welcome Dinner

Welcome Dinner is a chance for old and new students alike to start off the school year and get a preview of what MSA will do during the year. There are speeches by current officers, presentations by MSA and Nueces Mosque, and icebreakers to help people come together. 

Farewell Dinner

There are two Farewell Dinners during the school year; one at the end of Fall Semester and Spring Semester. It is a chance to commemorate the students that are about to graduate.


Showdown is a regional competition organized by the Lone-Star Council that brings together for one weekend. Students compete in an array of activities, representing their respective schools.



Weekly Cookie Halaqa

Every week, students and adults get together on Friday night to listen to a speaker discuss and present a topic relating to how Islam can be implemented in our lives. With a variety of distinguished speakers and topics, these Halaqas are what UT MSA is most known for!


Dean Intensive

With over 250 people. Deen Intensive is our biggest educational event of the year; being a weekend long, intimate educational Islamic conference for all types of people from the inside and outside of Austin. Deen Intensive brings in renowned speakers while bringing the Ummahs of different MSAs together for one whole weekend.

Sahaba Kickback

The weekly class uses Imam Al-Ghazali’s text on ‘The Ninety-Nine Beautiful Names of God’ as a reference through the entirety of the class to memorize, internalize, understand, and reflect on all 99 Names of Allah.


Service & Outreach

Charity Week

Charity week is a non-profit organization based in the U.K that partners with Muslim students around the world to raise money for underprivileged children. This year, they launched the project in the United States and our MSA was 1 of 10 to join the initiative. Alhamdulillah, we managed to raise over $1000 for the project.

Service Events

Every month, MSA tries to organize a service or outreach event for our members. The goal is to give back to local community and create awareness, such as in nursing homes and orphanages.


InterFeast is an opportunity for everyone to come together over a meal united by faith, in hopes to have fruitful discussions and dialogue on how our faiths can help us become better people!



Big Little Program

The goal of this program is to pair up the new incoming students with upperclassmen, allowing them to build more personal relationships and have a mentor. The mentor and mentee are encouraged to participate in events and activities together as part of a competition throughout the year. 

Freshman Dinner

Freshman Dinner is a way for the younger and newer group of MSA members to meet, interact, and befriend the more experienced and older MSA crowd, not only blooming healthy friendships, but also allowing for a more inviting environment for all future events and activities.


Picnic and Field Day

A day where all MSA members come out to eat food, compete in matches, and have a good time all around to catch up after the winter break. This event provides a platform for new and inactive members to have a gateway event for future MSA activities and events.


Brothers/Sisters Socials

Individual Sisters’ and Brothers’ socials provide for an area where there’s less pressure and less awkwardness for each of the groups to become better friends, and have those who are less involved have more intimate time with others around them.

Intramural Sports

Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Men’s Soccer

Women’s Volleyball

Men’s Football