The Texas MSA Executive Committee is a group of highly motivated and respected individuals who have been voted to serve the Ummah by bringing the community closer together, strengthening each other’s deen through increased knowledge and practice, while also working to as a team to better themselves and society as a whole.

Jenna Alsukhni

Mohammad Almubaid
Vice President Education

Meryum Ahmad
Vice President Community

Noon Mahmoud
Administrative Director

Fouad Tawil
Logistics Director

Abraar Ahmed
Brother Coordinator

Leena Ammuri
Sisters Coordinator

Hanif Lawal
Campus Relations Director

Bilal Choudhry
Org Relations Director

Aaya Gaber
Fundraising Director

Yasmeen Hamad
Community Service Director

Ensar Celiktas
Marketing Director

Yousef Kamal
Finance Director

Sauda Shamina
Outreach DIrector

Hira Siddiqui
Education Director