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We are stoked to have YOU join our big family! We know very well how it feels to move away from home and try to adjust to a HUGE campus like UT Austin! But don’t worry; Texas MSA is you home away from home! Our advice to you: make the most of your college experience! Come to our events and get to know your fellow Muslim peers. You’ll eventually find yourself looking forward to the spontaneous post-moves and will find friends with whom you’ll be making late-night food runs (scroll down for a list of halal places in Austin!). MSA is here to help you find a community and create the best college experience!

Nueces Mosque

Nueces Mosque is located in the heart of Austin and serves the diverse population of downtown Austin as well as students from The University of Texas at Austin and Austin Community College.

Prayer On Campus

The following map lists all the places where you can pray while on campus.

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