The EC


According to the Constitution


The roles set by the constitution of the Texas MSA for the members of the Executive Committee (EC) are to carry out all of the roles and duties expected of an Islamic assembly at the University of Texas at Austin, serve as the sole representatives of the General Body of the MSA, maintaining the highest principles of Islam in all of their dealings and reflecting these in their characters. 


Read our constitution here.

According to the Members


The Executive Committee (EC) is a group of highly motivated and respected individuals who volunteered, and were voted in, to sacrifice their time to serve the Ummah by bringing the Ummah closer together, strengthening each other’s deen through increased knowledge and practice, and working together to better themselves and society as a whole. The EC is here for any and all members for any kind of assistance the members may need, whether it be MSA related or not.  



President – Amna Malik


I’m Amna Malik and I’m senior double-majoring in MIS and Spanish. I’m from H-TOWN and I love baking, makeup, and making videos. I love going on spontaneous adventures and my two favorite things are P-Terry’s and boba. I’m literally always down to hang out so feel free to hit me up anytime. I’m always available if you have any questions or need anything at all. Insh’Allah we’ll have a great year together 🙂 

Vice President – Khalid AlKhatib

Assalamu’Alaikum Peeps!

My name is Khalid Alkhatib! I’m a Junior majoring in Economics and minoring in the Elements of Computing certificate (wait is that technically minoring? idk let just go with it). I love sports! #DemBoys #MFFL (I’m a Dallas boy, as you can see). I have this weird obsession with shoes and it’s borderline unhealthy, yes I’m a sneakerhead. I enjoy chilling with my friends, being active, and being involved with MSA as well as Nueces Mosque. I like to create, my own words such as freshly and wook, but apparently that’s not “normal”, whatever h8ers. If you ever see me or need help with anything don’t hesitate to hit me up!



Outreach Director – Yusuf Mufti


My name is Yusuf Mufti. I’m a sophomore Biology major. I’m from Plano, Texas but I was born in Pakistan. My hobbies include reading, playing games, and hanging out with my friends. Feel free to say hi if you see me around campus!

Education Director – Asad Ahmed

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu!

My name is Asad Ahmed, and I’m a second-year Electrical and Computer Engineering student. I was born in Santa Clara, California (still not a Warriors fan though), and moved to Dallas when I was four, and my family has lived there ever since. I love TV series, movies, video games, hanging out with my friends, reading the Quran, and just talking in general! I also LOVE exploring, sightseeing, and traveling! You can usually find me on the Union 4th/5th (because PCL is too mainstream), at the Nueces Library, in the EER, or at Halal Bros. Feel free to come say Salam if you ever see me, because I’m super laid-back and would welcome the procrastination! I look forward to having a great year with all of you In Sha’ Allah!

Administrative Director – Ifrah Raja

Assalamu’alaikum y’all!

My name is Ifrah Raja and I’m a sophomore Nursing major from Houston. I’m super excited to be Texas MSA’s Administrative Director this year. When I’m not studying or doing MSA stuff, I’m most likely spending time with my friends, doing service with other orgs on campus, or watching Netflix. I can’t wait to get to know everyone, so if you see me around campus, come say hi! We’re going to have a wonderful year, inshAllah.



Finance Director – Aaqil Shihab

Assalamu’Alaikum Everyone!

My name is Aaqil Shihab and I am a sophomore majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I am originally from Dallas, but I moved to Austin last year. I basically live in the EER, so if you want to find me that is your best bet. In my free time, I love playing basketball, hanging out with friends and exploring new things. I love trying new food, so if you want someone to get food with hmu. I can’t wait to meet everyone and am looking forward to having a great year, Insha’Allah.

Public Relations – Bassam Syed


My name is Bassam Syed and I am a second year Government major! I’m from the small town of Beaumont, Texas (check out the worlds largest fire hydrant there if I haven’t told you about it already). I really enjoy meeting new people, going to new places and eating new food, so if you’re into any of these feel free to reach out for an awesome time. I’m looking forward to a productive and exciting year with everyone!

Publicity Director – Rameen Razzaq

Assalamu’Alaikum ya’ll!

I’m Rameen Razzaq and I’m a third year Public Health major from ATX. When I’m not in class you can find me at Nueces Mosque, exploring the city with my Polaroid, or drinking boba with my friends. I love to take advantage of all that Austin has to offer, from kayaking at Lady Bird Lake to visiting museums in the city. Also, community activism is very important to me, as is supporting marginalized communities. If you are interested in any of these feel free to hit me up! I am really looking forward to serving the all of Muslim community here on campus Insha’Allah!




Brothers Coordinator – Zaid Basit


Hello hello hello. I am ZAID and I am a senior in high school by credit hours studying Finance and Economics. I am a huge basketball fan and my team is the Lakers. This was before LeBron joined us and you can check my twitter (@thezaidbasit) to verify that. I am notorious in the community for two of my sayings so come out if you would like to find out what they are. If you know, you know. If you ever see me on campus, do not be afraid to introduce yourself to me


Sisters Coordinator – Aliyah Munshi

Assalamu’alaykum and hello hello friends!!

My name is Aliyah Munshi and I’m a sophomore biology major. I’m from H-Town 🙂 but Austin is starting to feel a lot like home, especially because of the MSA here at UT. I’m hoping that InshaAllah me and the rest of the EC can make you feel at home too with our MSA fam. I love drawing, eating, sleeping, Netflixing, adventuring, and driving around. If you ever need someone to drive and sing at the top of your lungs with I’m your girl. I hope to make this a fantastic year InshaAllah :))