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Helpful info



We are stoked to have you join our big family! We know very well how it feels to move away from home and try to adjust to a huge campus like UT Austin! But don’t worry; Texas MSA is your home away from home. Our advice to you: make the most of your college experience. Come to our events and get to know your fellow Muslim peers! You’ll eventually find yourself looking forward to Fridays, and will accumulate study buddies with whom you’ll be making late night food runs (scroll further down to check out halal places in Austin). Your MSA is here to make you feel most welcome, and help you create the best college experience. We are here for you, so don’t you fret! 

Here are some events we have held:
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Mighty Fine Bonding Lunch 
  • Annual Picnic 
  • Kayaking Social 
  • S’mores Bonfire


Just join the Big Little Program.

The goal of this program is to pair up the new incoming students with upperclassmen, allowing them to build more personal relationships and have a mentor. The mentor and mentee are encouraged to participate in events and activities together as part of a competition throughout the year.

Join the Facebook Brothers‘ Page! 

Join the Facebook Sisters‘ Page! 

EC Coordinators

Sisters Coordinator: Khadeja Javed


Brothers Coordinator: Ammar Abed



Let us help you with housing.

Need a roommate? No fear! We have conveniently set up sheets for you to enter in your information and allow you to contact other UT students!

Click on one of the roommate finders below to get help:


Also, be sure check out the UT MSA Roommate finder, generously gifted to us by Umar Baqai (A&M alumn): http://msaroommate.com/index.php?univ=V57

We’ve got a few recommendations.

  1. ALL Quarters Buildings
    1. Best ones: Quarters Nueces, Quarters Grayson, Quarters Sterling
  2.  2400 Nueces Apartments
  3. 2215 West
  4. 21 Rio Apartments
  5. University House Apartments
  6. Regents West at 26th
  7. The Crest at Pearl

The Beloved Nueces Mosque

Our Second Home

Nueces Mosque is located in the heart of Austin and serves the diverse population of downtown Austin as well as students from The University of Texas and Austin Community College.

The Mosque on Nueces Street was established in March 1977 by the Muslim Student Association at the University of Texas. It was the first mosque in Austin. As a student run Mosque, the Nueces Mosque Executive Committee is a part of the campus population and works to serve both the students and families around Austin.

Sheikh Umer is the Imam of the Mosque, and as such he is available for any and all advice that you may need. With his fifteen years of experience in youth and marital counseling, he has years of wisdom and advice for any situation.

Check out Nueces Mosque at NuecesMosque.com, on Facebook, and on the app store!



Jumuah at Nueces Mosque

1st Jumuah 1:05pm

2nd Jumuah 2:05pm

One of our most used spots on campus is the REFLECTION ROOM in the Perry Castaneda Library and at the Texas Union (Room 4.210). Also, check out these photos for spots to pray on campus!

***Proud Texas MSA Sponsors***

*** Halal Bros ***

Address: 2712 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 

Phone:  (512) 284-8105

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Monday-Thursday, Sunday: 11 AM – 11 PM

Friday-Saturday: 11 AM – 3AM

We Recommend: Beef or Chicken Shawarma Over Rice


Niki’s Pizza

Address: Dobie Food Court

2025 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX

Phone:  (512) 474-1876

Cuisine: Italian

Sunday-Saturday: 11 AM – 10 PM

We Recommend: Pepperoni Pizza


You’ll NEVER go hungry with TX MSA!

Need to do some Zabihah Halal grocery shopping? Check out these local Austin grocery stores!

*** World Food Halal Market ***

International Foods

Phoenicia Market



Up for some adventure? Travel off-campus to these restaurants for a delicious dinner!

Arpeggios Grill

Masala Wok

Mighty Fine

Sarah’s Mediterranean 

Halal Corner



Shawarma Point 

Inchin Bamboo 



Biryani Pot 

Curry in Hurry

Longhorn Chicken

Address: 2512 Riogrande Austin, TX

Phone:  (512) 552-2932

Cuisine: Southern

Monday-Wednesday/Sunday:  11 AM – 11 PM

Thursday-Saturday: 11 AM – 3 AM

We Recommend: Spicy Chicken Tenders and Waffles


Address: 2100 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 

Phone:  (512) 215-0307

Cuisine: Indian

Monday-Friday: 11 AM – 3 AM

Sunday-Saturday: 11 AM – 5 AM

We Recommend: Garlic Naan and Butter Chicken

Check out this student-made list: All About Austin!